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(Projection Designer)

“An indispensable star of the show was Projection Designer and Video/Sound Producer Jesse Marciniak. He was able to project slogans from Orwell’s book, such as “Freedom is Slavery” on the drab, gray, upstage flat, which held a circular screen.”

- DC Metro Theatre Arts 2018



"Direction was too legit too quit and you could tell that Mr. Jesse Marciniak encouraged all of the actors to find their inner teen angst or evil demon or weapon wielding warrior."

- B.I.T.R. Sisters 2018



"A rarely produced play here in Baltimore, and The Green Globe Theatre is doing it in an eco-friendly fashion, this is one show that should not be missed."

- Mandy Gunther, Theatre Bloom 2017



"He is so completely honest and revealing in his speeches, his body language and his responses to the action that it’s proof this is an actor of substance, and seeing him in any production is going to be worth the price of the ticket."

-Timothy David Copney, MD Theatre Guide 2016



"Marciniak’s late stage monologue detailing the extent of his beliefs is one of the most powerful and revealing moments of the show." 

-Michael Poandl, DC Metro Theater Arts 2015



"Really working the house over with his asides, Marciniak is an honest riot. Delivering shameless cartoon villainy that would give Neil Patrick Harris a run for his money, the man owns every laugh he derives from the audience members and really creates a memorable presence upon the stage."

-Mandy Gunther, Theatre Bloom 2015